We’re Your #1 Custom Coffee Roaster in Arizona

What Do We Do?

Loving Labor Coffee Co. has a single purpose: To provide you a cup of coffee that is perfect to your palate. To do this, we search high and low for the best coffee farms, only using those who pay their farmers a fair wage, and use our combined experience to roast the beans to the letter of decadence.

Our coffee is guaranteed fresh and as delectable as you can find. Your roast date will be included on your package, and will almost always be the same date you order, never before. Nothing is roasted to sit on shelves. Ever.

Since 2019, we've been providing both coffee connoisseurs and laymen an upgraded routine by starting the day with a delicious cup of coffee, smoother than silk.

Who Are We?

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

John Jr. is the tech expert, math nerd, and owner/C.F.O. He takes care of the website, order management, deliveries, tech support, and bookkeeping. In his spare time, he enjoys playing his bass, making his loved ones laugh, and writing bios on the internet (apparently).

John Sr. is the brains of the operation, master roaster, and C.O.O. He's been roasting coffee for over thirty years, and worked professionally as a chef for over thirty-five before retiring and co-founding Loving Labor Coffee Co. with his son, John Jr. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, solving puzzles, and creating new meals at home (which John Jr. thoroughly enjoys).

Eric is our ace in the hole. Both he and his wife have been close friends with the two Johns for years. Having worked sales professionally for close to forty years, Eric's our people person, marketing expert, and all-around knowledge resource, making him the perfect C.M.O. If there's something you need, he'll find a way to get it. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, sporting, and singing (and he's not too shabby, either).

In short, we’re just three coffee lovers that believe coffee should be savored as a delicious beverage, not just liquid energy in a mug, cup, or thermos.


Why did we start Loving Labor Coffee Co.?

Having lived in Tucson, Arizona for over fifteen years, we’ve been to a lot of restaurants, cafes, and diners where the food was amazing, but the coffee left much to be desired. With so many large chains pumping coffee into our daily lives, coffee has become something of a necessary burden rather than an enjoyable, luxurious experience. We want to fix that.

We want to upgrade your routine.

At Loving Labor Coffee Co., we decided to go back to the three simple basics of a great cup of coffee:


1. The Best Raw Coffee

We source only top quality beans from humane and reputable farmers.

    2. An Expert Coffee Roaster

    Our master roaster has over thirty years of experience. We're confident that he's not only the best local coffee roaster, but one of the best coffee roasters out there!

      3. Fresh-Roasted Coffee Conveniently Delivered

       A vacuum-sealed bag shipped within 24 hours means the freshest coffee out there. No batch roasts, nor stale bags on display.

                        At the time your coffee is ordered, the beans are raw and unroasted, so your coffee comes straight from our roaster to your grinder.


        What's Our Vision?

        Fresh, premium, gourmet coffee delivered within 24 hours

        We strive to deliver the freshest coffee to all sorts of clientele. We're happy to serve individuals that want a superior experience to start their morning, high-volume businesses that accept nothing less than the best for their customers, and everyone in between. Regardless of scale, with the guarantee that it will be roasted no more than 24 hours before delivery to you or to the Post Office.


        What’s Our Purpose?

        As much as we love our coffee, there’s something we love even more: the people around us. At Loving Labor Coffee Co., we encourage and support community-based volunteer work for all our staff. We want to leave a positive impact on the world around us and help others by showing self-sacrificing love to everyone, on and off the clock.

        Our desire is not to make a killing, but to make a living.