Loving Labor Espresso Blend


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Our master roaster has meticulously crafted a premium espresso blend using only the best of three distinct origins. You'll find the smooth, well-rounded notes of our Colombia Supremo, the bold, full-bodied notes of our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and exquisite delight in the dynamic flavors of Bali Blue moon in our one-of-a-kind espresso blend.

Due to the uncompromising flavor and rarity of the coffees in this blend, we are offering this amazing espresso exclusively in Vienna, French, or Italian roasts.


Please Select Your Roast:

Roaster's Advice: Oil begins to build up on the coffee bean at these roasts. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your grinder before your first order and frequently thereafter in order to avoid clogging if you enjoy darker coffees.

Roaster's Choice (Our master roaster will choose his recommendation for this coffee)
Vienna (Bold but balanced, high sweetness, medium acidity, very high body)
French (High sweetness and body, low acidity)
Italian (Excellent for espressos, very low acidity, medium body and sweetness)