17th Century Style - Smoked Coffee (Organic)


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To go back in time is often the best way to go forward, and that's exactly what we've done with our 17th Century Style smoked coffee, exclusive to Loving Labor Coffee Co.

Mid-17th century Europe was home to the birth of the modern coffeehouse. Often called "penny universities," as townsfolk would gather for coffee, conversation, and commerce for the price of a single penny.

In these days, coffee was roasted over a wood fire, imbuing it with a now-foregone smokiness that already won over the Arabian Peninsula centuries earlier. It would soon win over Europe, and eventually, win over the Americas.

While roasting over an open wood fire is no longer practical, we've found a way to give coffee that wonderful, smoky flavor back without compromising the roast. You'll get the silky smoothness we guarantee on all our coffees, but a flavor profile you won't find anywhere else.

In order to best provide expedient delivery, we are offering this coffee exclusively in City+ (Classic) and Vienna+ (Espresso) roasts, as we've found these roasts compliment the smokiness without compromising or overpowering the flavor.

Please note: The process of bringing this coffee to perfection takes a considerable amount of time. Orders placed will be delivered or shipped the next business day. We recommend ordering early in the week to avoid shipping and delivery delays.