Brewed coffee has been one of the most favorite drinks in many households and workplaces. Opening each morning with its great taste and amazingly savory aroma is such a delight. Grabbing a cup indeed energizes one’s system while hustling and working on a day’s task. It would certainly boost a positive mood and energy that would keep a smile for every coffee enthusiast around, male or female, young or old.

Preparing brewed coffee at home is not quite as complicated and messy as one may think. Having a good cup is just accessible with a cost-saving tool at hand. One good and easy way of preparing brewed coffee are through a coffee press. But the question is how to use coffee press?

What Is A Coffee Press

The coffee press is the best and most convenient method of preparing brewed coffee. The coffee press is composed mainly of a glass or stainless steel jar and a filtered plunger that pushes the coffee to the bottom of the pot. The coffee grounds at the bottom of the jar sit and mix with the hot water the whole time in the container.

Coffee Press Design

Coffee press makers come in different sizes and designs. The coffee press jar may be in the form of a mug or jug, which can be a glass, stainless steel, or ceramic pot. Designs also vary from minimalists to sophisticated techniques that cater to varied customer preferences.

Coffee Press Size

Coffee press makers are also made and available to coffee lovers in different sizes. You can enjoy a single cup of brewed coffee with a jar holding 0.35 L of coffee, or you can enjoy an all-day great-tasting coffee with giant pots that can save as much as 1.5 L of coffee!

using coffee press

How To Use Coffee Press

Using a coffee press is easy, convenient, and time-efficient. Pour the ground coffee into the jar and add the boiled water. Then, cover the pot with the plunger with a screen filter and let the mixture sit for 3-4 minutes. After that, slowly press the plunger down, and voila, you can now have your perfectly brewed drink in your favorite cup! That is the correct way on how to use Coffee Press.

Advantages of Using Coffee Press

The coffee press is a perfect way for you to savor and taste your favorite brewed coffee most cost-effectively and efficiently. You get to enjoy the excellent coffee taste since the coffee is mixed and immersed in water the whole time. You can let it seep according to your preferred taste - the longer, the better taste. 

In addition, aside from its apparent affordability, preparation is also straightforward since all you need is the jar and the plunger with screen filter and no other equipment or separate additional filters required to have that aromatic brewed coffee in your hand. The use of the tool is easy to comprehend, and no other complex steps are needed to prepare your favorite drink.

So what are you waiting for? Have that coffee press at home and enjoy the limitless pleasure of enjoying your favorite brewed coffee at home, anytime!

Written by John Roll Jr

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