17th Century Style - Hot Chocolate Bar (2)


Where there is hot chocolate, there is warmth and joy.

After meticulous testing, we've paired our 17th Century smoked chocolate with organic cinnamon to bring you a rich, delicious start to cold nights or rainy mornings. Use 1/2 bar for every 4 ounces of milk and stir well for the perfect starting ratio.

Please note: We recommend each cup of hot chocolate be finished before it has the chance to cool, as the chocolate will re-solidify with time.

Disclaimer: As fine Belgian chocolate will melt in the hot Arizona weather, we highly recommend refrigerating or freezing before opening, especially on orders requiring shipping and especially during warmer seasons.


17th Century History

During the 17th century inrush of chocolate into the Spanish Netherlands, the popularity of chocolate exploded after its use as medicine was phased out, especially in the form of hot chocolate. At the time, the Spanish Dutch (specifically in the region that would become modern-day Belgium) would include ingredients such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or even star anise in their cups of cocoa (we choose to use only cinnamon in our hot chocolate bars)

For additional information, see our 17th Century Style FAQs