17th Century Style - Chocolate Bar of the Month (2)


We're having so much fun with our 17th Century Style smoked chocolate that we can't stick with just one combination for too long! Check back each month to see what new combinations we've come up with, or subscribe to never miss a flavor! If you love a flavor so much you want it to be a staple on our lineup, contact us and let us know.

February's Flavor of the Month is: Tart Cherry.

Combining dried tart cherries with our delicious housemade chocolate is the perfect way to get your palate jump-started and ready for the day ahead.

Please note: As each bar is crafted by hand, you may see some irregularities in shape or form.

Disclaimer: As fine Belgian chocolate will melt in the hot Arizona weather, we highly recommend refrigerating or freezing before opening, especially on orders requiring shipping and especially during warmer seasons.