17th Century Style - Belgian-Style Chocolate & Espresso Bar (2)


A 17th Century combination that was meant to be.

We've painstakingly married our two 17th Century Classics: Our Smoked Espresso with a housemade, Belgian-style, smoked milk chocolate, making for a unique, delicious treat to indulge in again and again. With two bars included per order, you can give one as a gift and hide one for yourself. We promise we won't tell anyone.

Please note: As each bar is crafted by hand, you may see some irregularities in shape or form.

Disclaimer: As fine Belgian chocolate will melt in the hot Arizona weather, we highly recommend refrigerating or freezing before opening, especially on orders requiring shipping and especially during warmer seasons.


17th Century History

The 17th century not only beheld the inrush of coffee to Europe, it saw the arrival of chocolate from early Mesoamerica to Spain. At first, chocolate was mainly used by pharmacists as a medicine (and let's be honest, we still use it as such sometimes).

What would be considered modern-day Belgium was, at the time, part of the Spanish Netherlands. After its use as medicine was phased out, the popularity of chocolate exploded in this region, especially in the form of hot chocolate. Over time, the quality of chocolate from Belgium would be cemented in the world's collective conscience as the world's best. To melt chocolate in these early days, the Spanish Dutch would use the main heat source available at the time: a wood fire.

For additional information, see our 17th Century Style FAQs